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2022 Reflections

Gratitude 2022 started with Covid. Then waves of fatigue followed. I now have such great empathy towards those who have been living with chronic fatigue. Having my health back has been the most significant gift. Thank you.  Chains of events that started in the previous year led me to have a placement at Schumacher College which nurtured and nourished me. I feel safe with those connections and friendships that are, I trust, solid and long-lasting. I have such deep gratitude. At the end of the day, as Dr Dan Siegel says "Our brain is not only in our head but also between us, and there's no healing unless our relationships are healthy or, at least, in a good place."  During my time at Schumacher I lived in a community where I taught yoga, offered breathwork sessions besides working in the gardens and the vegetable fields, and helped in the kitchen chopping vegetables and washing dishes, many dishes! (Who'd know clearing dishes could be the best therapy.) I made fires and

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